Workshop Testimonials

workshop testimonials

For over two decades, TPC workshops have helped the world’s top brands tell visual stories that powerfully connect with their audience.

By now you may have browsed our course offerings, but wouldn’t you rather hear from real workshop participants?

In these testimonials, you’ll get short case studies from three different companies – Kraft Heinz, Meta, and IATA. Read on to hear about each of their business challenges and how TPC storytelling training helped tackle them.

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Workshop Testimonials

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Infusing storytelling into the Kraft Heinz Culture

the WHO

Kraft Heinz is the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world.

Their interest in storytelling training originated from their Customer Development Organization (CDO), an externally facing team focused on helping retailers take advantage of consumer insights to capture marketing opportunities and realize revenue.

the WHY

Building storytelling skills was identified as a critical need across the entire organization.

With the introduction of a new leadership team in 2020, Kraft Heinz set its focus on developing talent and critical expertise; simplifying their portfolio by having a better understanding of consumers; and building stronger partnerships.

To arm their team with the skills to communicate critical insights to retailers—from point of sale, to shopper and shelf strategy, Kraft Heinz realized that they needed to tell a more effective story to ensure conversations were relevant to their customers.

the HOW

Crafting Strategic Visual Stories provided the storytelling framework to enable the team to share compelling insights with retail partners, and Presenting Data Visually complemented the storytelling skills to teach key principles of how to share data with actionable insights and meaningful takeaways.

After delivering a successful workshop pilot to the CDO, the Kraft Heinz Transformation Office requested a rollout of Crafting Strategic Visual Stories and Presenting Data Visually to the entire U.S. sales organization.

Over the course of 6 months, TPC delivered 27 workshops to this group.


Kraft Heinz executive leadership has infused TPC’s storytelling concepts and approach into everything they do.

The entire organization is now held accountable to these core competencies. Our trusted and continued partnership with Kraft Heinz allows us to enhance our workshop content and experience.

Best. Training. Ever. Seriously, this was fantastic, easy to follow, and will be incredibly helpful in my job. I can’t wait improve on this further!”

Getting executive buy-in at Meta

the WHO

Meta is a technology company considered among the world’s most valuable public companies.

Meta owns Facebook, the world’s largest online social media and social networking service, with nearly 3 billion monthly users.

the WHY

The finance organization was having challenges conveying their value to internal stakeholders.

Mired in too much data, they identified the need to tell audience-centric stories to share with different functional teams across the business.

the HOW

Meta found that Presenting Data Visually was the perfect workshop for a data-driven finance team. It helped them understand how to curate and present data in a meaningful and insightful way. The data workshop was the right complement to Crafting Strategic Visual Stories, which laid the groundwork for narrative storytelling skills.

Various teams within the global finance organization have participated in successful pilots of Crafting Strategic Visual Stories and Presenting Data Visually.

Since 2016, TPC has trained 2,000+ people within Meta’s marketing and sales teams.


Meta has gained executive buy-in to instill a culture of storytelling across the organization more broadly.

It has committed to these core communications competencies at the Chief Accounting Office level. TPC has become Meta’s primary storytelling and data visualization training provider.

After the workshop, I went on stage and delivered my story to 900 people. I was the only person to receive a standing ovation in the whole event!”

Staying ahead of the learning curve at IATA

the WHO

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade association of the world’s airlines.

Its mission is to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry. Consisting of 290 airlines representing 121 countries, IATA member airlines carry 83% of the world’s air traffic.

the WHY

IATA’s subject matter experts routinely present to decision makers and stakeholders.

As advocates for the air transport industry, their audience includes governmental bodies, regulators, and airline executives.

With a knowledgeable group of people serving a diverse audience, IATA found that it was critical for their presentations to have a compelling narrative, clear calls to action, and an elevated visual quality. Storytelling training was identified as the right way to meet this challenge and up-skill their people.

the HOW

IATA’s Learning & Development (L&D) team offers virtual, cohort-driven access to TPC’s foundational storytelling workshops: Crafting Strategic Visual Stories, Influencing with Visuals, and Presenting Data Visually. In 2020, IATA and the airline industry was deeply affected by the global COVID pandemic. Since TPC was already offering a robust virtual classroom experience prior to COVID, IATA saw little interruption to their learning access.

With TPC as a partner and industry leader in delivering virtual instructor-led courses, IATA felt confident and even ahead of the curve when it came to keeping training a priority.

Since 2015, IATA has had over 1,000 employees in all areas of the business, located across 51 countries, participate in nearly 80 TPC workshops.


TPC and the IATA L&D team have a strong and meaningful partnership that allows us to continuously deliver quality training to their global teams. The culture of storytelling has permeated across the organization, with workshop participants making recommendations to their colleagues to take TPC training.

Employees have adopted TPC tools into their day-to-day work and some have said it has changed their careers.

TPC offers top-quality virtual classroom delivery. This course blew me away!”

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