How we deliver training at TPC

Finding time for training is a constant battle. That’s why at TPC, we offer a variety of flexible delivery options to fit your busy schedule.

Our training modalities

In-person training


Our hands-on, highly experiential workshops encourage collaboration, iteration, and peer-to-peer coaching among cross-functional teams. Worried about wasting a day in training? Not with us. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and bring a relevant presentation, idea, or story you want to transform and receive feedback on during our workshops. You can work alone or with a colleague, if team presentations are your priority.

Virtual training


We’ve pushed the boundaries of virtual instructor-led training since 2004 when clients like Apple, Facebook, and Cisco sought our help to build and deliver more engaging online presentations. We’re known for designing content that promotes a two-way dialogue, fosters interactivity, and generates real behavior change. Be prepared to stay engaged and take advantage of virtual features like polling, breakout rooms, whiteboarding, and chat.

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“This program has simply exploded—there’s no other word to describe it. In my 6½ years at Boston Scientific, I have not seen this level of interest in a learning initiative…and it was all generated by word of mouth. We have done no marketing for this program, yet people are seeing an immediate difference in the way their colleagues communicate and are asking if they can take part.”

“Hands-down the best presentation course I’ve ever had. This is what I was looking for during my MBA, but never received.”