Our storytelling learning journey

Grounded in theory, smothered in practicality

Everyone loves a good story. But the reality is, at work, we struggle to apply storytelling to our everyday business communications. Without the skills and confidence, we resort to what we do know… we cobble together ideas and data that lack a clear, cohesive narrative and visual strategy. Ultimately, we leave our audience confused, frustrated, and (let’s face it) forced into another meeting. And worst of all? You’ve just missed an opportunity to influence decisions and drive business forward.

Here at The Presentation Company (TPC), we believe storytelling is more than just words. It’s a choreographed dance between your story, visuals, and data that anyone (no matter role or function) can benefit from. We’ve created the ultimate 3-part learning journey that unites teams with a common language to communicate their strategy, ideas, and data with clarity. We also ground everyone in a new mindset: Story first, visuals second.

Journey at a glance

Our curriculum is designed to flow from one workshop to the next… with skills, tools and coaching that build upon each other and travel with you on the journey.

Crafting Strategic Visual Stories

Organize your ideas and data into a meaningful narrative

Influencing with Visuals

Bring your story to life visually

Presenting Data Visually

Turn facts and figures into easy-to-scan data visualizations

Our model for meaningful behavior change

We believe down to our core that true transformation begins on the day of training but is fully accomplished over time. That’s why we developed a unique learning model for meaningful, long-lasting behavior change. Who doesn’t want learning that’s repeatable, scalable, and immediately applicable on the job?

Learn how to

  • Walk in your audience’s shoes to ensure their needs are top of mind in any communication
  • Bring clarity and meaning to complex ideas and data to cut through the noise and be heard
  • Flex to any audience or scenario to be situationally fluent
  • Craft your BIG Idea to help your audience understand the one thing they should know or do
  • Cleverly use visuals to influence decision making and buy-in
  • Boost executive presence by building authentic connections and showing mastery of material

Get skills that lead to impactful ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE

Empower teams to elevate conversations and drive meaningful change

Accelerate decision-making, time-to-revenue, and innovation

Improve efficiency by reducing ineffective meetings and costly review cycles

Create alignment and agility among teams

Achieve results that tie back to corporate initiatives

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“This program has simply exploded—there’s no other word to describe it. In my 6½ years at Boston Scientific, I have not seen this level of interest in a learning initiative…and it was all generated by word of mouth. We have done no marketing for this program, yet people are seeing an immediate difference in the way their colleagues communicate and are asking if they can take part.”

“Hands-down the best presentation course I’ve ever had. This is what I was looking for during my MBA, but never received.”