Presenting Data Visually

Cut through the noise and communicate meaningful messages with data

Every day, data drives business-crucial decisions. When presented poorly, data can create confusion, leading people to misinterpret your message and stall decision making. But, when presented well, it illuminates your points and inspires action.

TPC’s Presenting Data Visually workshop arms teams with data storytelling best practices for creating compelling, easy-to-scan charts and graphs. We help storytellers transform their data findings into visually compelling insights that get remembered.

Whether you’re presenting data to provide an internal update, gain approval, or influence your next customer, we’ll help you turn your data insights into actionable recommendations that drive the conversation forward.

Learn How To

Tell the story behind your numbers by distilling facts and figures into clear, digestible, meaningful messages

Utilize visual techniques and design principles to communicate your insights with memorable impact

Empower your audience to quickly understand your message by transforming your data and insights into actionable recommendations

Walk Away With

A Data Visualization Library
This suite of 100+ professionally designed data visualizations guides you through the five ways to display data and provides inspiration, pro-tips, and coaching examples to help make presenting data a quick and simple process

Strategies for minimizing clutter and “noise”
Get pro tips and tricks on how to clearly display your data and eliminate extraneous information

Simple design techniques to elevate your data story
Learn how to use color, size, and shapes to highlight key information and make data easy to interpret at a glance

Data visualization credentials
Earn a Certified Data Communicator badge and share your achievement with your social network

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“Excellent training and a must-have for presenting data points to clients and internal leadership.”

This course is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone that presents data. Not only has it improved my productivity, it’s improved my ability to create clear messages when presenting to management.”

Hands-down the most valuable class I’ve ever taken in my career.”