Crafting Strategic Visual Stories

Business Storytelling Workshop

Our brains are wired to remember stories, but weaving tales alone isn’t enough to spur your customer, prospect, or manager to take action. It’s the story arc combined with powerful data and visuals that achieves the right balance of logic and emotion to generate decision-making.

TPC’s Crafting Strategic Visual Stories workshop will teach you and your teams how to transform presentations, emails, 1-pagers, and proposals into audience-centric business stories. Learn the fundamentals of storytelling with a practical, repeatable framework that will upgrade your business communications into memorable narratives that drive conversations forward.

This workshop arms cross-functional teams with a collaborative tool and a common language for bringing clarity and meaning to their ideas and presenting only the best solutions.

Learn How To

Apply a practical, repeatable storytelling framework to transform your messages into influential, audience-centric narratives that drive action and influence decisions

Understand how to demonstrate control and mastery of your story, and get the skills to evolve into a confident and trusted strategic communicator

Discover strategies to adjust to common business scenarios, including meetings cut short, a boss’s request for 3 to 5 slides, a diverse audience, or a virtual presentation

Walk Away With

Practical and intuitive tools
The interactive tools introduced in the workshop allow you step into your audience’s shoes and jumpstart your story development – and can be easily incorporated into your daily workflows

Cultural and behavioral transformation
Use a shared language and framework to foster better communication, collaboration, and productivity among your teams and throughout your organization

A valuable companion guide
All workshop participants receive a copy of Everyday Business Storytelling, an Amazon best-selling book loaded with real-world examples and case studies to reinforce the workshop learnings

Business storytelling credentials
Earn a Certified Storyteller badge and share your achievement with your social network

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“This program has simply exploded—there’s no other word to describe it. In my 6½ years at Boston Scientific, I have not seen this level of interest in a learning initiative…and it was all generated by word of mouth. We have done no marketing for this program, yet people are seeing an immediate difference in the way their colleagues communicate and are asking if they can take part.”

“Hands-down the best presentation course I’ve ever had. This is what I was looking for during my MBA, but never received.”