Influencing with Visuals

Visual Messaging Workshop

Storytelling is a surefire way to influence decisions and sell your ideas. And visuals are key to ensuring your insights are understood, remembered, and spur action. But too often, the critical connection between story and visuals is missed. Presentations are jammed with text, messages are vague or confusing, and data hits like an avalanche. You can easily lose your one shot at being heard.

To bring your story to life visually, you need a story first, visuals second mindset. TPC’s Influencing with Visuals workshop arms you and your teams with a practical visual story strategy that makes a connection between your story, your visuals, your data, and your audience – every time.

This course builds upon TPC’s foundational storytelling workshop, Crafting Strategic Visual Stories. It is geared to those who know how to craft a business story and are ready to bring it to life with clear, impactful visuals. Participants learn the skills to transform storytelling fundamentals into visual storytelling mastery.

Learn How To

Discover and apply the 3 Cs of effective visual strategy – coherent story, concise messages, consistent visuals

Lay out the narrative and visual flow of your story with a simple-to-use, coach-me-through-it, interactive story building tool

Apply basic design principles to help transform text- or data-heavy slides into clear visuals that inspire action

Walk Away With

Robust tools to pressure test your story
Use StoryCoach™, VisualCoach™, and StoryCheck™, a series of guided coaching questions to ensure your story headlines and visuals are working hard for you

A Visual Story Library
This suite of 100+ beautifully designed slides guides you through the storytelling signposts and provides pro-tips and coaching examples to help inspire creativity and jumpstart design thinking

Valuable coaching and feedback
Participants receive real-time feedback on their own relevant presentation to help them iterate and refine. Coaching embedded directly into the suite of tools guides and supports learners as they execute on their visual strategy, during the workshop and beyond

Visual communicator credentials
Earn a Certified Visual Communicator badge and share your achievement with your social network

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“Our team will be able to create much more professional-looking slides. The difference is amazing and is great for our corporate image.

“TPC’s customized approach and use of ‘before and after’ examples helped transform our marketing team into more knowledgeable and effective communicators.

“I can now walk into a room and immediately know whether they’ve taken TPC’s training or not. It’s THAT impactful.