Crafting Strategic Visual Stories

Business Storytelling Workshop

Our brains are wired to remember stories, but weaving tales alone isn’t enough to spur your customer, prospect, or manager to take action. It’s the arc of a story combined with powerful data and visuals that achieves the right balance of logic and emotion to generate decision-making.

Telling a clear, engaging story is more critical than ever… especially if you’re remote. Whether you’re working on a sales presentation, an internal business update, or the ever-intimidating executive briefing, you need a road map to guide you. TPC’s Crafting Strategic Visual Stories introduces the Visual Story Planner™, a framework for turning your data, insights, and recommendations into compelling, audience-centric business stories. This course—delivered virtually, on-demand digitally, and face-to- face—arms cross-functional teams with a collaborative tool and a common language for sharing ideas and presenting only the best solutions.

Learn How To

Learning Objectives

  • Transform messages into influential, audience-centric stories
  • Evolve from being a data collector to being a strategic presenter
  • Use a shared language to build effective narratives

Delivery Options

Face-to-face, virtual or on-demand. Click here to learn more about our delivery options

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“This program has simply exploded—there’s no other word to describe it. In my 6½ years at Boston Scientific, I have not seen this level of interest in a learning initiative…and it was all generated by word of mouth. We have done no marketing for this program, yet people are seeing an immediate difference in the way their colleagues communicate and are asking if they can take part.”

“Hands-down the best presentation course I’ve ever had. This is what I was looking for during my MBA, but never received.”