Onsite, in-person training

Bring highly experiential learning and group bonding to life

Now more than ever, people crave face-to-face interaction and the chance to learn together. Our hands-on, highly experiential workshops encourage collaboration, iteration, and coaching among cross-functional teams. Imagine not only learning from an expert instructor, but working together to give and get feedback from your peers who already understand your world.

The in-person learning experience enables teams to immerse themselves in demonstrations, hands-on practice, and interactive exercises designed to teach concepts and encourage application of new skills in the moment – and beyond the day of training.

Apply concepts to real work

Worried about wasting a day in training? Not with us. Your teams will roll up their sleeves and bring their real work to transform, showcase, and receive feedback on throughout the workshop. Get your day job done… while you learn!

What you can expect onsite

  • Multiple hands-on group activities
  • Individual exercises with debriefs
  • Real-time feedback and expert coaching from your certified instructor – and your peers!
  • Access to robust tools, each embedded with coaching and pro-tips, to jumpstart development and reinforce learnings

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