Webinar: How to Tell Visual Stories Virtually

How to Tell Visual Stories Virtually


Business storytelling is a powerful way to sell your ideas and spur people to action. But for many of us, telling our story in an online environment can feel clunky and uncomfortable. So how do you craft your content specifically for virtual delivery?

We partnered with Cisco WebEx to bring you a one-hour webinar that will arm you with strategies and a framework for presenting with confidence and selling your ideas online. Using real-world examples, TPC Co-founder Janine Kurnoff discusses why storytelling is so effective and demonstrates how to adjust your story to drive business forward virtually.

In this virtual storytelling webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft a business story using four signposts of classic storytelling
  • Bring your story to life visually to captivate your virtual audience
  • Leverage WebEx tools to ensure audience engagement

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