Storytelling in Zoomland: 3 Tips for Telling Business Stories Online

Telling Business Stories Online

Let’s face it… virtual meetings are here to stay. In today’s business climate, that critical meeting you scored with a room full of decision-makers has gone virtual. No longer does that deck you normally used for in-person meetings going to work because you’re now disconnected from critical feedback that allows you to read your audience. So what’s the recipe for success? It includes three important ingredients: Get your story straight, build in prescribed interaction, and let your virtual presence soar.

Get Your Story Straight

Yes, it’s important to know your story backward and forwards for any meeting, but when everyone’s virtual and behind a screen, you can’t take any chances. A well-prepared narrative that uses your basic storytelling structure is a must.

Build in Prescribed Interaction

Why is pre-planned, built in interaction necessary? Because the virtual world leaves gaping holes where natural body language or normal conversation could be. You must create a “natural” connection with your audience.

The trick? Create frequent opportunities for virtual audience interaction by adopting interactive placeholder slides. Slides that visually show your audience what they need to know or do at any given moment. They’ll act as a visual pause that signals a break for Q&A, a quick poll, discussion in a chat, a virtual whiteboard brainstorming session, or even breakout rooms for small group exercises. It breaks up your constant monologue by guaranteeing valuable feedback opportunities that will help you discover and directly address your audience’s needs in the moment. These are the lifeline for virtual meetings.

Let Your Virtual Presence Soar

In today’s “always on, never done” business culture, being able to break through in virtual meetings is critical for your internal recognition by peers and career growth. Showing up with a well-prepared story, including visual and verbal cues to guide interaction, will make you appear nimble and responsive. Inside, you’ll feel relaxed, in control, and confident, which is key to developing your communication and leadership skills.

Up-level your conversations… and your career

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