Size Up Your Data: How Varying Size Draws Focus to Your Insights [VIDEO]

Varying Size Draws Focus to Your Insights

Have you ever considered how the size of your data display could impact how well your insights are received by your audience? Odds are… probably not. But data experts know: Size is a critical component in making well-balanced data visualizations that can be easily scanned and remembered (the two other critical components are color and shapes.)

Whether you’re presenting a bar chart, line chart, or table—online or in-person—varying the size of certain elements is a surefire way to draw focus to your data insights. Watch this short video to learn tips for building clear, visually engaging data visualizations.

Want more strategies for creating easy-to-digest data visualizations that shine a spotlight on your ideas? Stay tuned for “Part 3: Shapes” next week or check out our Presenting Data Visually workshop for teams.