Podcast: How to Plan Your Presentations for Effective Results (Featured on Business of Story”)”

Plan Your Presentations for Effective Results

Ready to directly confront your fears and anxieties about presentations? Good.

Janine Kurnoff, Co-founder of the Presentation Company, joins Park Howell’s Business of Story Podcast to lay out the ingredients and the process to whip up effective visual stories for your next meeting.

Janine dives straight in to the hardest part of presentation building — getting started. She also gets into:

  • How to uncover your theme (a.k.a. your BIG Idea) and embed it throughout your presentation
  • The four signposts of storytelling that form a classic story arc
  • The sweet spots for where data visualization and storytelling make a perfect duet

Listen to the show here.

Originally published on Convince and Convert and Business of Story.