Want to be a Rockstar Corporate Trainer at TPC?

Rockstar Corporate Trainer

Kevin Campbell is more than a Master Trainer at TPC.

He’s a master at generating true behavior change in employees at some of the world’s top brands. In the well-functioning machine that is TPC, Kevin plays a vital role in what we offer to our clients – knowledge. The knowledge to create strategic, action-inducing business narratives that leave individual contributors, managers, directors and executives wanting more.

On any given day at TPC, you can find him traveling the globe, teaching talented businesspeople to re-engineer the way they approach business presentations and shaping their executive presence. He sees the immediate impact he has by giving participants the tools to up-level the way the communicate. He knows that he’s helping people advance their careers and ultimately transforming their professional lives for the better.

So what makes this trainer so special?

Kevin brings his A-game to every workshop he facilitates and exudes passion in what he does. Why? Because, like all of our trainers, he lives and breathes the TPC culture and embodies what it means to be a great storyteller, mentor, and coach. And he truly believes in TPC’s mission. He knows that great content and instructional design only go so far. To shape world-class presenters, he knows he must practice what TPC preaches: be authentic, be relatable, read the room, and communicate through story.

Kevin walks out of a day of training feeling like a rockstar…because he receives feedback like this:

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Kevin’s story could be yours

Because of our work with vibrant trainers like Kevin, TPC is flourishing and ready to find more workshop facilitators to join our team. If you want to be like Kevin, email us at careers@presentation-company.com to join TPC as a Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach.