What We’ve Uncovered: How On-demand Learning Increases Global Team Collaboration

On-demand Learning Increases Global Team Collaboration

Imagine this…you are in an online storytelling workshop alongside colleagues overseas. You share a sample story of a program you’ve been laboring over. Your Parisian colleague quickly comments on your post: “I worked on a nearly identical program 6 months ago! I have many insights to share.”

Then another colleague from Dubai chimes in, “I know the buyer really well. Let me offer you some insights to help tell your story.” Hong Kong then wakes up, “Interesting, we worked with this client on a different project and they have a very specific way they like to be presented to. I suggest you leverage some of our learnings!”

For many, it was the first time they were not operating in a silo. They were interacting digitally and getting much more than the just new skills—they were transforming themselves into peer advisers and coaches.

New relationships, increased accountability, improved learning outcomes

Six months ago, these 30 workshop participants ditched their one-day face-to-face workshop, opting instead for a fully digital, on-demand learning environment. Over the two weeks that followed, an extraordinary amount of interaction took place, unfolding effortlessly.

“We were astonished by the buzz of interaction that erupted,” said TPC’s workshop facilitator, Janine Kurnoff. “The interest in peer coaching on the platform, amongst even the farthest-flung cross-functional employees, was remarkable.” And the best part? It didn’t stop, even after the two-week course wrapped.

Through a blend of videos, assignments, peer mentoring and on-demand coaching, learning and collaboration began immediately. They had options for ways to engage with one another and assess each other’s stories: either by tagging others—including the coach—in a comment to request feedback, creating a group chat, or simply adding to a discussion board. No matter how they went about it, everything was contained in the environment and always mapped back to the concepts and assignments that were being taught.

Digital Platforms Tear Down Learning Barriers

Today’s learning industry is not only faced with the challenge of training teams—all around the globe—in innovative, engaging ways, but also with ensuring behavior change sticks beyond the day of training—often through peer coaching and ongoing reinforcement tools. As business storytelling becomes an increasingly critical skill for improving communications and executive presence, it’s becoming more apparent than ever that on-demand storytelling training is the ultimate delivery vehicle for global teams—providing reach and scale at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face training.

Digital Learning Platforms Tear Down Barriers

If you’re like many innovative companies, you’re eager to incorporate digital learning into your programs. Digital training provides access to important skills for anyone at your company, regardless of their level, function, or geography. But before you rush, you should know that not all experiences are created equal. While many e-learning experiences offer short videos that provide just a preview of key concepts, true behavior change is generated through a strategic blend of top-notch instructional design; clear, compelling visuals; and endless opportunities for interaction and accountability—all wrapped in a cutting-edge platform. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a learning experience that’s relevant, applicable, and meets the learners where they’re at.

From storytelling to data visualization, the best digital workshops are pushing the boundaries of collaboration far beyond imagination. To learn more about TPC’s digital on-demand workshops, click here.