Do This, Not That: How to Choose Color for Data Visualizations [VIDEO]

How to Choose Color for Data Visualizations

Let’s talk about one of data visualization’s best friends: color. When used correctly, color can be a powerful conduit for making your data insights shine. A smart pop of color will highlight key information and focus your audience’s attention (whether online or face-to-face).

The reality is… most businesspeople aren’t graphic designers, so color is often used in a way that’s distracting—or even counterintuitive—to the message we want to send. This approach not only stifles all of the hard work you’ve put into gathering, analyzing, and displaying your data, but improper use of color can actually be unreadable to people who are color blind.

Whether you’re presenting data in a virtual meeting, in person, or emailing your deck, watch the video below to learn the do’s and don’ts of how to choose the right color for your data visualizations.

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