Daren Lewis, Vice President, Insights & Workshop Execution

Insights & Workshop Execution

Communicator, Designer, Craftsman

Definition of success: I measure my success by the success of the people I love and work alongside. The goal is to make a multiplicative impact. I build the content and train the instructors who will turn around and teach thousands of people to create outstanding, meaningful presentations. I strive to give everyone around me the knowledge and tools to make them successful

Work style: Based on my company experience and with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, I always go to a calm place in a crisis.  When I hit rough waters in any capacity I remember two things: use your training, don’t panic.   

Best advice: When you’ve been on boats in the middle of the Pacific – 15 days in either direction – or teaching employees of major corporations how to master presentation technologies, you know categorically that you always need a plan. And always assume there will be obstacles. At TPC, if there is something to do with a checklist or process, it has my fingerprints all over it.

Most formative experience: I learned very young to never overlook opportunity that’s right in front of me. In fact, I first discovered my wife living right across the hall from me at UC Santa Cruz! I married her senior year. 

Best thing about TPC: I love how within our small company culture, we are all always learning and building our expertise. An idea that emerges during my morning shower can be shared with the team, turned around, and executed a day later. Whether it means creating a new course or testing new custom templates, we are all constantly innovating.

Early Inspiration: I worked for my family’s mechanical design consulting business right out of college. It was incredible to help build early Cisco routers, voting machines, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. I fell in love with transformational technology. Moving next into PR, I poured all my energy into driving the message of innovation for other companies such as Nortel and IBM.

Off work hours: Yes, I can relax! But whether it involves guiding my two teenage boys or teaching boating safety classes, I am largely driven by the element of service in my life.

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