How TPC Built a Culture of Authenticity in an Age Clouded by Aesthetics

Build a Culture of Authenticity

Since a young age, we were all asked the infamous question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, your answer was likely a firefighter, princess, astronaut, doctor or Superman. We set the bar high for ourselves, didn’t we? And why not? Most of us jump at the chance to have a fulfilling career where helping others is critical to what we do.

But somewhere along the way, we often lose sight of our “why”. We begin to think that our dream job is unattainable or won’t pay the bills, and instead we just “do”. In business, we often see this translate into high turnover, low customer satisfaction, and uninspired employees. Let’s face it: profitable, lasting businesses may be founded upon market demand, but they flourish when their people are nurtured.

Here at The Presentation Company (TPC), we put people at the center of our “why” – from our employees to clients to business partners, and everyone in between. People are the reason we exist, and they’re the reason we innovate. For nearly 20 years, we’ve cultivated an atmosphere of innovation, passion and aptitude. Why? Because we believe that, in a time fraught with social media smoke screens and copycat marketers, there’s something refreshing about working with an authentic, caring, compassionate brand that holds its core values close and places an emphasis on growing its people.

This mentality has led us to tremendous success over the years and given us the fortune to work with some of the world’s top brands. We have a fire in our bellies to move businesspeople forward within their careers, their companies and their lives – it’s why we show up every day, and it’s why we have not only survived, but are thriving.

We’re continuing to amplify and expand our network of business storytellers, data gurus, and presentation experts. We are casting our net to see what fresh catches will come forth.

Ready to join the movement? If you are someone who exudes the following traits, please connect with us:

  • You see life through an optimistic lens – life is good and you’d love to make it even better by guiding others to influence action through business storytelling
  • You draw energy from people – the thought of presenting to and working with people fuels you
  • You have experience in business communication with vast audiences – you understand different personality types across an array of business functions
  • You are a natural born leader – others are engaged by listening to you and find it easy to approach you with questions or feedback
  • You are flexible – you are skilled at working virtually and face to face
  • The idea of travel excites you – you are willing and able to hop a plane nationally and internationally
  • You are an activist in the movement of change – doing the bare minimum isn’t enough, you are always hungry to learn more, teach more and help more


At TPC we believe that with the power of business storytelling, we have the opportunity to influence action – and influence change. If this fuels you, check out our job listing to learn more about TPC’s open position as a Workshop Facilitator.