TPC to Speak at ATD International Conference: Turn Numbers Into Narratives Through Data Visualization””

Turn Numbers Into Narratives Through Data Visualization

We live in a data-driven world. But we don’t spend huge amounts of time and money collecting data just for fun. We look for numbers to answer crucial questions and guide us in nearly every decision we make. But there is a major disconnect between decision-makers and those presenting ideas to them:   

1. Executives are frustrated by endless charts and tables being “fire-hosed” at them. Getting blasted with data (that doesn’t tell a story) doesn’t help them make an easy, clear decision.

2. Presenters squander their chance to provide their boss with strategic, actionable insights. Data gatherers are awash in findings. Many choose to show everything, and their important points get muted. What’s worse, their smart ideas and recommendations are also muted. This can harm them not only short-term, but even in long-term career advancement.

Our ability (and love) for vast data collection is not slowing down anytime soon. Virtually all of our modern institutions – including manufacturers, governments, and financial services – rely on the meaningful insights derived from these metrics. It has never been more critical to ensure that those closest to raw data have the structure and tools to bring the data’s vital messages to decision makers.

Visual storytelling expert Janine Kurnoff has devoted her life to teaching business storytelling and data visualization because she believes that these skills are the single greatest way to amplify the meaning and impact of our facts and figures. Since founding The Presentation Company in 2001, with her business partner (and sister) Lee Lazarus, Janine has witnessed over and over that storytelling done right, is nothing short of a career game-changer.

In her session, Turn Numbers into Narratives through Data Visualization, Janine will explore powerful, easy-to-apply processes to help anyone – from data experts to the occasional data presenter – think “outside the spreadsheet.”

Janine’s session will begin by revealing a process that helps presenters figure out what they want people to know and do with key findings. She’ll also demonstrate how to “cut through the noise” and elevate the key takeaways from the data. These techniques dramatically elevate the important points, which move your story forward.

After Janine’s session on Tuesday, May 8th at 1pm, you’ll know how to:

  • Always prepare presentations with a goal in mind
  • Tell a story with data that lets an audience understand your message at a glance
  • Think “outside the chart” using photography, icons, oversized text and more


If you’re looking for a highly experiential session that will change the way you approach data visualization, come join us!