Going To ATD? Here’s What to Expect at Our Super Session

Going To ATD

Whether you’re attending the ATD International Conference in-person or virtually this year, you won’t want to miss our super session for a behind-the-scenes look at how we built next-generation storytelling training for modern adult learners. TPC Co-founder Janine Kurnoff will be joined by our partners Facebook and NovoEd for an interactive panel discussion — and practical tips you can implement immediately — on how we collaboratively designed an on-demand course that is human-centric and integrated.

eLearning: Time for an Evolution

In 2017, during the seemingly innocent days before the global pandemic threw our work environments and best-laid plans into chaos, it was clear that — despite the promise of self-paced eLearning providing a flexible, scalable training solution for companies — in practice… it wasn’t working. Learners didn’t complete their courses, and for those that did, there was a question brewing in the L&D community about whether or not this type of training could stand up to live instructor-led training.

Around the same time, there was growing interest around social collaborative learning, and technology platforms being developed that could replicate the impact in-person workshops manifest in the physical world. Central to this shift was a growing observation that current online learning solutions had over-indexed on the exact thing that enabled the shift: technology. Yep — in the industry’s effort to scale and automate… many lost sight of the people taking the courses, and the needs that adults (who make up the primary participant population) have when it comes to learning, engagement, and retention of workplace training education.

This got us thinking. What if we took what we know about human-centric visual storytelling, and combined it with an online social collaborative learning platform AND a client willing to go on a development ride with us to create something totally new?

The Power Thruple: TPC + Facebook + NovoEd

As we embarked on our mission to build engaging, people-first on-demand storytelling training, we know we were grappling with several challenges when it comes to traditional online training:

  • Online training programs are often perceived as boring and cumbersome to complete
  • It can be difficult to administer on-demand learning for teams who need to collaborate in their work environments on joint-projects
  • Management often feels removed from online training programs, and struggle to integrate their leadership into learning environments that happen remotely. 
  • Some believe that on-demand learning programs may not even work. How do you make the learning stick… especially for remote workers? 

Our super session will give you a formula for transforming “boring, linear” on-demand training into a high-value, collaborative experience that learners actually enjoy. Register for the virtual session here and the in-person session here.

And if you’re looking for more tips from TPC, join our education session on Monday for tips on how business storytelling and planned interaction will take your hybrid meetings and presentations to the next level. Register for “Navigating Hybrid Meetings” here.

See you at ATD!