Giusi Cerfeda

Giusi Cerfeda

Master Facilitator

Giusi Cerfeda, Master Facilitator, brings a rich background to TPC with over 30 years in the Consumer Goods sector, at major companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, and Nestlé, across Italy and Europe.

Giusi’s expertise includes marketing, communication, retail management, training, and business coaching. She’s known for her infectious optimism and dynamic approach in the classroom, driven by a passion to support and nurture the growth of others.

Giusi has a Milan Business Administration Degree in Marketing & Communication from Bocconi University and holds multiple accreditations and certificates that she’s earned during her career.

When she’s not facilitating workshops, enjoys life with her husband, Gian Maria, and their two teenagers. A self-described ‘water person,’ she finds happiness in swimming and embarks on family travels to explore the world.