How to Deliver Successful Online Meetings and Presentations

Virtual Presentation Workshop

Virtual meetings save companies money and keep employees safe—but at what cost when presenters fail to capture and connect with their virtual audience?

You have a choice: Your virtual meetings can be a powerful conduit for your ideas... or a barrier. Our Delivering Successful Online Meetings and Presentations workshop will help you create meaningful audience interaction and collaboration—whether you’re presenting internally to team members or externally to customers.


How do you ensure participation, keep people engaged and flex your online behavior for different audiences? Since 2004, our virtual presentation veterans have taught teams at Cisco, Apple, Facebook, and many others how to face this medium and build content for the online environment. We're here to help give you and your team the confidence to communicate, engage and tell your story online.

Learn how to:

Create a two-way dialogue
Host productive web meetings
Gain confidence online

Learning Objectives

Delivering virtual meetings training
  • Design content for virtual meetings,
    not face-to-face
  • Understand how to leverage virtual tools
    to create interaction
  • Master best practices for presenting effectively online and diverting disasters
Want more? Let’s chat.

Want more? Let’s chat.