How to Deliver Successful Online Meetings and Presentations

Virtual Presentation Workshop


Virtual meetings keep employees safe and save companies time and money, but at what cost when presenters fail to capture and connect with their audience?

You have a choice: Your virtual meeting can be either a powerful conduit for your ideas... or a barrier. Successful Online Presentations is one of TPC’s most comprehensive workshops, teaching teams how to create meaningful audience interaction and collaboration. TPC knows better than anyone—web meetings are nothing like in-person meetings and participation is crucial to an attentive, engaged audience.

Learn hands-on tools and get application training that will speed up the development and delivery of presentations. Also, get delivery tips that maximize impact and minimize online disasters. If you present to customers, prospects, or internal teams using today’s virtual web conferencing tools (e.g. WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Teams, HP Virtual Rooms, etc.), this workshop will transform the way you communicate and tell your story online.

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Learn how to:

Create a two-way dialogue
Host productive web meetings
Gain confidence online

Learning Objectives

Delivering virtual meetings training
  • Design content specifically for virtual meetings, not face-to-face
  • Understand how to leverage virtual tools to create interaction
  • Master best practices for presenting effectively online and diverting disasters
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Want more? Let’s chat.