Influencing with Visuals

Visual Messaging Workshop

Presentations are critical to selling your ideas and driving people to action, yet most fail to connect with their audience due to distracting visuals and poorly displayed data. When this happens, you’re almost guaranteed to lose your audience’s attention and, worse, your one shot at being heard.

Whether you’re working on a quarterly business review, a product update, or a customer pitch, you need a laser-focused approach that promotes your key points. But reality is, we often leverage slides from colleagues and create presentations that lack a cohesive narrative. Influencing with Visuals teaches teams how to organize ideas into visual messages that are easy to scan and, therefore, memorable. Explore why a good slide works and a weak one fails. Not creative? No problem. With clever use of basic design principles and PowerPoint shortcuts, we’ll show you how to think like a designer – without being one.

Learn How To

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what executives want to see and hear from you
  • Apply design principles to transform text- or data-heavy slides into clear visuals
  • Learn to “pivot” to meet the needs of diverse audiences

Delivery Options

Face-to-face, virtual or on-demand. Click here to learn more about our delivery options

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“Our team will be able to create much more professional-looking slides. The difference is amazing and is great for our corporate image.

“TPC’s customized approach and use of ‘before and after’ examples helped transform our marketing team into more knowledgeable and effective communicators.

“I can now walk into a room and immediately know whether they’ve taken TPC’s training or not. It’s THAT impactful.