Presenting Data Visually

Data Visualization Workshop

Expert presenters know that you must illustrate the meaning behind your data in order for it to produce an impact. When data is used correctly, it will clearly elevate your key insights. When used incorrectly, it will cause confusion or misinterpretation of your message and stall decision-making.

Capture the perfect snapshot of your most critical data with a clear visual story and call to action. Leveraging TPC’s key principles of data visualization, our Presenting Data Visually workshop arms teams with data storytelling best practices for creating compelling, easy-to-scan charts and graphs using your organization’s brand standards. Whether you’re presenting data to provide an internal update, gain approval, or influence your next customer, we’ll help you turn your insights into actionable recommendations that drive the conversation forward.

Learn How To

Learning Objectives

  • Turn data and insights into actionable recommendations
  • Distill numbers into clear, digestible, meaningful messages
  • Use design principles to highlight key takeaways and accelerate decision-making

Delivery Options

Face-to-face, virtual or on-demand. Click here to learn more about our delivery options

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“Excellent training and a must-have for presenting data points to clients and internal leadership.”

This course is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone that presents data. Not only has it improved my productivity, it’s improved my ability to create clear messages when presenting to management.”

Hands-down the most valuable class I’ve ever taken in my career.”