Shea Stone

Shea Stone, Training Logistics Manager, uses her client relations experience with her attention to detail to ensure that all of the wheels and cranks are in place and turning in the well-functioning- machine that is a TPC workshop. She makes sure everything is prepared and ready-to-go so when you show up to a training, you can do exactly what you came there to do: learn!

Before moving to Portland and joining the TPC team, Shea spent her days in Denver working on marketing and project management for a digital real estate marketing company. Prior to her career, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

When Shea’s away from her desk, you will likely find her binging on food in one of Portland’s many fine eateries, painting watercolor or exploring the many shades of green in her new home state with her Golden Retriever, Atlas.