On-demand learning

It doesn’t have to be lonely or boring

Welcome to the next generation of corporate training: on-demand, cohort-driven workshops for teams. Unlike other on-demand offerings, we don’t believe learning should be 100% human-free. So we’ve infused social elements throughout the learning journey to enable collaboration and feedback. Through our collaborative online learning platform, participants consume our workshops anytime, anywhere, on any device. And the best part? They learn alongside their peers in a highly interactive digital environment.

Bring your work to the workshop

We hear you. It’s tough to make time for training, even if it’s on-demand. The good news is, our cohort-driven workshops have you bring real work to transform in the on-demand classroom. Learn to apply concepts to a relevant business communication, and give and get feedback from your cohort peers and Learning Community Manager.

What you can expect in our on-demand, team workshops

Business Storytelling
  • Connect with your peers: Take advantage of the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn with other employees in your workshop cohort
  • Get hands on: You’ll get a chance to practice your new skills on a real and relevant business communication
  • Stay engaged: Learn through a gamified, social experience with short videos, case studies, and assignments that bring concepts to life
  • Get accountability: Your Learning Community Manager (yes, a real person!) provides coaching, reminders, and positive reinforcement
  • Ongoing learning: Access bonus content, videos, and resources to help reinforce the workshop concepts

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