PowerPoint Template Launch Campaigns

Become the hero, not the help desk

Your new PowerPoint corporate template is elegant and deeply functional. Now, the challenge: how are you going to make sure that everyone will use it?

Let The Presentation Company be a key partner in the launch of your new PowerPoint template. TPC offers effective, quick-to-market training for your employees along with a killer how-to guide that speeds up adoption of your new corporate template. Without training, employees often resist switching and stick with the old. They believe it's too complicated or "buggy" but, in reality, the problem is usually a simple lack of knowledge.

Let TPC's expertise in training and deployment drive a successful launch and enthusiastic adoption of one of your most powerful communication tools.

The benefits are simple:

  • Train employees quickly
  • Ensure universal adoption
  • Gain resources and tools

How-to guide snapshot

How-to guide snapshot


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