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Custom PowerPoint Design Templates & Coding

So much more than a pretty face

Presentations are like a first date. If you give your customer or key stakeholders a good impression, they’ll want to see more. Poorly designed decks, however, will have them sprinting for the door. Corporate templates should make building decks a breeze…so why are you still wasting time tinkering with bullets and font size? We believe the answer is well-built PowerPoint templates.

Every day, corporations invest significantly in professionally designed PowerPoint templates used by thousands of employees. But most great-looking PowerPoint templates lack back-end functionality and features. The impact? Smart employees start tweaking…and tweaking…and eventually your brand (that you worked so hard to develop) gets eroded. Furthermore, your new corporate template now has a reputation for being broken and adoption begins to suffer.

At TPC, we design templates from the inside out that are both functional and elegant and work over multiple platforms: mobile, virtual, or face-to-face. TPC’s designers belong to an elite group of Microsoft PowerPoint Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), working closely to alpha- and beta-test new versions of PowerPoint. This early access exposes us instantly to new features, bugs and fixes that are used to plan, design and deliver advanced custom templates.

The benefits are simple:

  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Multi-platform supported
  • Protected brand asset

Custom template snapshot

Custom template snapshot


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