The Secret to Eliciting Feedback in a Virtual Environment [VIDEO]

Eliciting Feedback in a Virtual Environment

Picture this: You’re meeting virtually with your customer… or team… or (fill in the blank). You ask for their input on the initiative you’re discussing, but you’re met with bitter silence. You start to panic… Are they waiting for others to chime in first? Did their audio cut out? Are they typing their responses in the chat panel instead of saying them aloud?

Virtual meeting pros know one thing for sure: If you want your audience to interact, you must explicitly guide them on what to do. Simply asking for feedback is not enough—you must SHOW them how to engage and make it as straightforward as possible. In other words, you need to explain step by step what is expected and prepare your content beforehand to make it easy for them.

So what’s the secret to doing this efficiently? Watch the video to learn a simple trick to elicit and capture feedback during a virtual meeting:

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