Cut Your Presentation-Building Time in Half with Corporate PowerPoint Templates

Cut Your Presentation-Building Time in Half

Want to build visual, story-driven presentations quickly? Get ahold of great plug-and-play corporate presentation templates. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah… you’ve heard it before. Presentations that tell a story help shape beliefs, change mindsets and inspire action. But you’re also probably wondering… who has time to endlessly tinker over their slides for visually inspiring messages? Instead people turn to a ‘black market’ of pretty slides, borrowed from favored colleagues and friends. Sure it saves time, but they end up with a hodge-podgy ‘Frankendeck’ that doesn’t inspire much of anything.

A better idea? Get great presentation templates to guide you in weaving your key ideas into stories told through images, video and graphics. Here are 4 characteristics of great templates that make it simple to build an effective visual story.

1. They inspire better storytelling

Well-designed templates should inspire presenters to be intrinsically better storytellers by jumpstarting visual thinking. Typical corporate templates default to a standard body slide ready to be loaded with a bunch of text. It’s easy, but they make terrible presentations. The best templates should serve as plug-and-play starter kits, allowing you to effortlessly weave your facts and ideas into striking infographics, oversized metrics, a table, or a photo montage. No sizing fonts. No inserting text boxes. No looking for colors. No formatting bullets. It should all be there. What looks like an incredible amount of creative work has actually been done (mostly) for you.

2. They make data display really simple

Do you want to know the biggest change in data display in the last 20 years? Infographics. And without fail, the best custom templates include pre-built layouts. They’ve become so popular because they tell a simple, visual story that just focuses on key data points or relationships. But sometimes, you must display more data. Smart templates include pre-formatted charts that you can populate with figures from your Excel spreadsheet. No need for anyone to attempt to format within Excel (and produce charts that would clash with the corporate brand).

3. They’re designed for front-end elegance AND back-end functionality

Too often, we see corporate templates that have a “pretty face” but, when you look under the hood, they’re a hot mess! So what exactly is the “back-end” of a template? The back-end encompasses all the elements that underpin the template: colors, fonts, slide master and slide layouts, backgrounds, graphics, logos, placeholder formatting, etc. Templates designed for only the front-end are begging for presenters to veer off in their own design directions. Unless you want it to look like everyone works for a different company, this is a big problem! To make the most of your branding investment, templates should be meticulously formatted, properly sized, consistently structured and secured from end-to-end.

4. They perfectly reflect your brand

Whether your company is large or small, enterprise- or consumer-focused, your goal is to protect your brand internally and *absolutely* when presenting to the outside world. PowerPoint template design should never be an afterthought. It is a corporate application that is second only to Outlook in popularity. It deserves at least as much investment, attention and energy as tradeshow graphics, a new website or a new brochure. Bottom line: good templates help people quickly build visual stories that simply reek of your brand from the inside out.

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