Sarah Quay

Sarah Quay

Global Account Director

Sarah Quay, Global Account Director, brings over 12 years’ of sales and account management experience to TPC. She is passionate about being a creative problem solver who brings a growth mindset to her work. She is driven by her desire to have a deep understanding of her clients and working to ensure that the solutions offered to them are contextualized for their needs.

Prior to joining TPC, Sarah spent 11 years working at SaaS companies, including account manager positions at Highspot and Act-On Software. Prior to that, Sarah spent 17 years in film production in Los Angeles.

Sarah attended University of Montana, with a focus in Radio, Television and Journalism and UCLA Film School, where she focused on Business and Legal Affairs for Film and Television and New Media.

Sarah has recently moved back to her hometown in Clackamas County, OR, after having spent 20 years living in Southern California. She enjoys working on genealogy with her mom and has tracked many generations of both families back to the early 1700s. Sarah enjoys weekend adventures in the Great Northwest, fishing with her fiancé, and is an avid runner and snowboarder. Sarah also has tuxedo cat who she rescued from a coyote, which is how he got his name Dodge.